ENELTEC is a company specialized in innovation projects based on the paradigms of the Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, Blockchain, and Smart Cities.


The base of our core business is developing technological solutions for remote monitoring diversity of parameters and control variables. For this purpose, we use our acquisition,  communication, and online visualization platforms. 


We believe that technology has the power of transforming the world into an increasingly efficient and sustainable place through the use of tools that help managers to handle their resources rationally. Therefore, we use Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, low-power wide-area network (LPWAN), among other means, to offer the best in the industry for the sustainable management of resources.



ENELTEC's wide range of technological solutions helps leading companies in their segment achieve the success they desire. Our acquisition, communication, and data remote visualization platforms offer several customization options, helping our customers live the new era of the Internet of Things.


Connecting what was not connected before and employing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our management systems can identify consumption patterns and notify anomalies to the manager, facilitating resource administration. These systems are IoT-based, providing remote access to consumption data on a cloud-based Dashboard. This platform allows information to be viewed easily and securely, with all the consumption history available in the clouds.

Our System's Architecture
Our System's Architecture

We develop a variety of IoT devices that connect to the Internet in several ways, allowing our systems to send their data to a cloud-based Dashboard.

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Online Customized Dashboard
Online Customized Dashboard

Our systems allow clients to manage their applications easily by accessing a custom cloud-based Dashboard.

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Macro Computer Circuit Board


ENELTEC develops remote monitoring systems according to customer needs, storing consumption data in the clouds and making them available on our Dashboard. In this way, expenditure management becomes practical and continuous. The only requirement is an Internet connection for the devices. 


In addition to specific customized projects for each customer, ENELTEC has the following devices in its portfolio:


  • Water consumption IoT monitoring system;

  • Power consumption IoT monitoring system;

  • Crops' health IoT monitoring system.


Since the beginning of our company in 2003, we have obtained experience in the following areas:

  • Embedded systems Programming;

  • Printed Circuit Board Designing;

  • Development of IoT Devices;

  • Rapid Prototyping;

  • Control and Instrumentation;

  • Blockchain;

  • Innovation Projects Management;

  • Robotics.



The ThingsGo.Online (TGO) initiative consists of a Sustainable Attitudes/Projects Rewards Platform built upon the XRP distributed Ledger network. ENELTEC is part of a consortium group of companies that created this ambitious project and one of the leading developers of this platform that promises to revolutionize the accounting for sustainable attitudes' method globally, combining IoT, Blockchain technology, and Sustainability. 



For more information about this project, please access https://thingsgo.online/.



Our company has expertise in the development of embedded systems for various applications. We work from designing printed circuit boards to developing algorithms for embedded systems, providing customized remote monitoring services according to the variables desired by the customer using our IoT platforms.

Custom IoT Devices
Custom IoT Devices

We design custom IoT Devices according to our client's requirements.

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IoT Microseismic Systems
IoT Microseismic Systems

We have fabricated prototypes of microseismic monitoring devices for dams and reservoirs, aiming to avoid accidents in these environments.

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Pipeline Inspection Robots
Pipeline Inspection Robots

We developed custom Printed Circuit Boards to accommodate the electronics of pipeline inspection robots.

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